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What Is Your Favourite Christina's album?

Mi Reflejo (2296)

Stripped (2386)

Back To Basics (2278)

Bionic (2257)

Just Bee Free (2271)



1. Something´s Got A Hold On Me (Christina Aguilera)
2. Welcome To Burlesque (Cher)
3. Tough Lover (Christina Aguilera)
4. But I Am A Good Girl (Christina Aguilera)
5. Guy What Takes His Time (Christina Aguilera)
6. Express (Christina Aguilera)
7. You Haven´t Seen The Last Of Me (Cher)
8. Bound To You (Christina Aguilera)
9. Show Me How You Burlesque (Christina Aguilera)
10. The Beautiful People (Christina Aguilera)
Her Voice is strong and amazing